K.F. Dischley Group, Inc (http://www.thegroupmpp.com) has just inked a deal for a reality television show called “CROWTIME” with the ‘Ta Chi Palace Fights’ Middleweight Champion David ‘THE CROW’ Loiseau to produce a Reality Television show that chronicles the life of David ‘THE CROW’ Loiseau.

“CROWTIME” is set for production spring of 2012” according to Lee Andrew Myers Chairman and CEO of the K.F. Dischley Group, Inc (KFD).

“We are very excited and eager to share David Loiseau’s life story that will be an inspiration to viewers all over the world.  David has a personal drive like no one I have ever seen before. When the world uncovers David’s story, it will inspire both young and old to never give up dreaming the big dream… we are excited and honored to add Mr. Loiseau’s show to our production calendar for 2012” says Ron R Chevalier Executive Producer in charge of New Motion Pictures/Television Reality series for the K.F. Dischley Group, Inc.

The K.F. Dischley Group, Inc. has finalized a development contract with David ‘THE CROW’ Loiseau, for the development and production of “CROWTIME” a reality television series based on the trails and internal sacrifices that it takes to be a professional Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fighter. “CROWTIME” has been in development for some time and preliminary shooting, casting and development has commenced.

“CROWTIME” profiles the fierce competition, training and life story behind the man Mr. David ‘THE CROW’ Loiseau as he journeys on the path to greatness and shifts to despair as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by the life cycle of the world of a MMA professional fighter. There is no lack of drama in reality series documenting the day-to day life of Mr. Loiseau, as the stakes are high with each fight and each day leads towards the ultimate goal of winning; winning not just in the cage, but ultimately in the game of life as well.

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